A new year, a new challenge

Posted on January 3, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Welcome to my new years resolution! That is essentially what this blog is, a resolution, a challenge to myself to get it together and do more at home in the kitchen instead of throwing away so much money on eating out or ordering in.
I never stopped to think how much we were spending on all our eating out until recently, I never did a monthly budget, never accounted for exactly how much of our income was going to restaurants, letting them do the same thing that I could do if I weren’t being so lazy about it all the time…or staying too busy!
I’m on a mission to get our finances under control and to get us out of debt once and for all. One of my goals is to eat at home way more than we have been over the past few years, I want to eat at least 90% of our meals at home and keep our going out down to only once a month…if that!
I’m going to need a lot of support to make this happen! That is where all of YOU come in…read my blog, visit often and keep me honest and on track!
While helping myself and my family and documenting it here, I hope to be helping all of you as well. I plan to share all of the tools and resources that I use with all of you readers…and I hope that if you all have great resources that you will share with me, especially if you have a blog on a similar topic…id love to showcase other blogs from time to time and share all of the other amazing blogs out there that can help you save money and make more homemade meals.
So stay tuned for much more to come in the coming weeks, and I hope you enjoy watching my journey and that maybe some of you will join in this challenge with me!


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What a wonderful idea for a website!!! I know just how you feel. You are exhausted and busy by the time dinner rolls around. I have “go to” healthy meal ideas. Always have GOOD jar pasta sauce, pasta, frozen ravioli, canned/frozen veggies, flash frozen chicken breasts, hamburger/tuna helper, canned salmon/tuna and frozen pizza (for treating myself, not regular meal plan because it’s too fatty)

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